Hear it straight from Sandra, who is currently location independent

It can be hard to believe it really is possible to go from clueless and hopeless to cash-rich with your dream business.

That’s why I’m hopping on a call with Sandra today.

Her story caught my eye a couple of months back when she wrote how just a few short years ago, her child wanted to attend an international school trip… and in her world at that time, that was just an impossible expense.

Fast forward a few short years and Sandra has an online business that funds her family’s travel and lifestyle AND Sandra gets to work with the most amazing online entrepreneurs!

Join for our live call on facebook today if:

You’re feeling like you will NEVER make a change from your current work, it just feels too impossible right now

You are not location independent and want some direct inspiration to see what’s possible

You don’t have an online business but you have a clue that it is your key to freedom.

There is nothing for sale. No call to action. Just pure inspiration for those who need it.

You can find us today at 4pm (GMT+2) on my facebook group Life by Design (Not Default).

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Yours in Freedom & Friendship,


Here’s how I work from anywhere.

It’s not everyone’s dream.

But, it sure as hell is mine: go where in the world I want, when ever I want, while doing work that I love. All at the same time.

For me, it’s a lifestyle that almost sounds too good to be true.

Except, it’s not.

There are thousands and thousands of people already doing it. And, myself and my family have recently joined the ranks.

Working from anywhere that you are requires a set of skills, processes, tools & knowledge that are all totally accessible and attainable: if you know what they are in the first place and where to look!

I’ve spent the past 3 years on that search.

The knowledge is out there. Some of it free. Some very expensive.

(Transparently, I’ve spent in the region of R500 000+ in courses, coaching and conferences in the past 3 years. True. Story)

The tools have been created.

(Thank you clever software people, I am truly grateful 🙏

I have tested just about every piece of software available that helps you run a business from anywhere. Some are crap. And some, changed my life. Literally.)

The skills are learnable.

(I didn’t learn them over night, ’cause I didn’t even know what skills I was gonna need. But man, oh man… I do now.

Some of them are ‘hard’ skills like how to put a sales funnel together. Yes, that’s the actual terminology.

But, honestly, the most important skills are the ‘soft’ ones. Like, how to communicate and not lose your sh*t with your assistant or client, for that matter.)

The hard part?

It was the processes.

(In fact, those didn’t exist. I had to invent them. It was hell of frustrating, and tough. But, the good news for you is that I’ve done all that hard work already and you can profit from it).

I keep hearing over and over that if you look at someone’s spending habits, you can instantly tell what their values are.

I’ve noticed this to be true.

If you take a look at mine these past years, you’d have NO DOUBT my highest value has been acquiring the knowledge, skills & tools I’ve needed to carve out my freedom.

I’ve been relentless.

(My poor wonderful hubby deserves a 🏆 for how supportive he’s been every time I’ve sat down to ‘gently’ discuss my next ‘investment’ in this software, that mastermind, this course or that conference.

Truth is, he knows the potential with this business model and so do I.

I’m seeing the results, daily 💵).

So, my question to you is… what will looking at how you spend your time and money reveal?

If the evidence isn’t yet painting the roadmap towards what your heart truly wants, here’s a way to start: join me live on my training this evening.

It starts in 2 hours.

You’ll leave knowing:

⭐If starting an online business (that allows you to be location independent) is for you.

⭐What the fastest way to go about it is, even if you have no current business and no experience working online.

At the end, I’m opening up an opportunity to work directly with me to make your location and time freedom happen, spending a third of the amount of time I did and less than a tenth of the money!

Register here: https://tamrynsherriffs.com/work-anywhere 

See you there,


Here’s why I failed for 2 years before I succeeded.

You know how sometimes something only makes sense when you looking back at it in the past …but, at the time, it was super confusing and frustrating?

I’ve got a story for you today about that: connecting the (seemingly unrelated) dots.

Since I decided to have Max (my son who is now 1 and a half) I knew I needed to figure out how to generate income without having to travel around and be away for weeks at a time (that was my pre-Max gig).

I’ve got pretty ninja-level ability to be single-minded about something and it came in handy on this specific mission (it doesn’t always, I assure you).

I quite literally have ploughed my entire income (and then some) over the last 3 years to making that dream happen.

And, this year, it’s been paying returns. Yes!

My online business generated R 117 722,77 (that’s the 7 334 Euro you see below) revenue so far this quarter without me personally making one sales call, selling a product I had already made in the past.


I’m super chuffed! More than!

In fact, I’m writing this email, in bed, from a cosy Airbnb farm house in the middle of nowhere while I hear horses neighing nearby, and I just saw a sale ping through on online payment gateway-kind-of-happy.

But, here’s the thing. Nelson Mandela famously said:

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.”

And this has been very true for me on my journey to being a digital nomad with an online business.

I’ve figured out the stuff I thought would be hard: what product to sell & how to sell it – I have that perfected. Like, expert-level.

And have been taken by surprise about what I didn’t expect to be hard that actually is.

You want to know what it is?

By miles, my single biggest challenge in building my online business so far is….

…finding help!

That’s right!

You wouldn’t believe it…in a world where working, online, from any where is the holy grail…I have found it really hard to find people to with me.

And, what’s more important – once I have found the perfect team member, the very next challenge has arisen… HOW do we work together while we are both in our pjs, across the globe (or country).

I have to be honest (and my hubby will vouch for this), that the first few attempts to build a virtual team ended in so much frustration, that I gave up.

Frustrated and furious.

The kicker? I want time freedom. In order to get freer and freer, I need help.

Ryan Holiday has a book called ‘The Obstacle is the Way’ (which I hated, btw. HINT: Any time you instantly hate something, it’s a clue to look closer ’cause the treasure you seek lies within..but, that’s a mail for another day ;).

I finally was able to grow enough to embrace that my obstacle WAS in fact the way for me to achieve what I want and so, I locked myself in a room for a few days, sat down and worked out a method for how to work with my team, virtually.

It was a bit painful to create, but, it’s a simple formula and IT’S WORKING!

I now have 4 team members who work remotely on various parts of my business and …it just works.

Like, magic.

Enter the seemingly unrelated dots, connecting.

I thought, if I had this problem and it was holding me back from growing my business… it’s likely that other service providers are also being held back by the same issues:

⏰ My time freedom is directly connected to my ability to hand over ANY task in my business that doesn’t HAVE TO be done by me. I mean, literally.

(I know its a tough one, but, it’s true. Period)

🤷 How the hell do I find someone to join my team (from afar)…

…and get them to understand my way of working without losing days (and my mind) explaining everything?

🦆🦆🦆 Or, how about this one?

I’ll wait until all my ducks are on a row (my business is making oodles of moolah, my systems and processes are perfect, I know what the f*&k I’m doing), THEN, I’ll get someone to join my business once its shiny and sparkly and perfect 🤣🤣🤣🤣

You can relate, right?

My personal and business why is to free myself & my family by freeing others,

so my response to solve your above issues is to birth my new program🤱

How to Work From Anywhere: For Service Providers and the Virtual Assistants who Serve Them.

In it, I teach my V-S.T.A.R.S™ method which is a way of working for both business owners and online assistants so that everyone is one-the-same-damn-page📄

If you’re a business owner/service-provider (or want to be), it’ll give you all the tools, templates, processes you need to grow your business (using help from others).

And if you are a Virtual Assistant (or, think you want to be one), it’ll help you find clients, show up in their lives and be the magic-Mary-Poppins of their business.

V – Virtual



⭐Amazing Offer.


⭐Systems and Surprises.

Just think, a short while in the future, on the Facebook streets people will be posting:

“I’m looking for an assistant trained in the V-S.T.A.R.S™ method, ready to start tomorrow”

But, I’m jumping ahead.

First step?

I’m running a webinar tomorrow night South Africa time where I:

🌍introduce how it is possible to work from anywhere,

🛌how it is possible to do as little work as possible while working from anywhere and,

💵 how it is possible to be sure you have secure and consistent revenue while working from anywhere.

(HINT: The answer is V-S.T.A.R.S™)

Since you’re already part of my inner circle, I’m inviting you here at the end of this story about connecting the dots of life, leaning into the obstacles and turning them into something amazing ⭐.⭐.⭐.⭐.⭐.

Register here: https://tamrynsherriffs.com/work-anywhere 

Yours in Freedom & Friendship.



⭐Reach. = Duplicating everything I do to sell online.

So, if you’ve got even just a little online business envy, it’s definitely for you.

P.p.s. I’m damn f⭐cking excited about this offer.

You mean, I get to teach you everything I know about how to get clients online (on auto-pilot), how to work with team members so they you and your team can all be living your free-est and best lives AND I get to live my best life while I do all that?

It must be magic 🙏

April is EMPIRE Month

I’ve taken major action so far this year…

…and so have 68 other people with me.

It’s been amazing and adventure-filled.

How so?

Well, in January, I ran a 6-week LIVE programme called Airbnb Starter Kit

(a super-simple, super-clear course for how to get started creating some juicy side-moolah with Airbnb – even if you don’t own a property)

… and have had 68 students enrol. Yay!

Why did I create it?

‘Cause (I’m sure you’ve noticed from my previous mails) i just fucking LOVE Airbnb.

I love what it stands for

(home sharing,

the sharing economy,

showing kindness and warmth to fellow travellers,

using technology, internet and apps to facilitate real human connection,

allowing explorers to live like locals)

I love what it allows me to do

(dream about creating pretty spaces,

…hello? Binge watched Stay Here yet on Netflix? Yes, that..

make wonderful side-income that eases up the pressure of early motherhood,

hire a full time nanny for my son so I can work on my passion projects)

I love what it means to you

(Gives you access to everything it stands for and what it allows me to do)

Here’s what I did in Jan: In order to ‘sweeten the deal’ when I launched the course, I promised all my students who joined FREE access to my next course: Airbnb EMPIRE.

What’s that?

Another 6-week LIVE programme that takes your Airbnb side-gig and turns it into a full on business.

You learn:

How to get control of properties you don’t own, and make a profit form them on Airbnb

How to create a team that does that hard slog for you, so you don’t spend all your time running around like a blue-arse fly

How to do this without even being in the same city as your listings!

AMAZING, right?

Ummm, yes!

(*Disclaimer* AFTER I promised to make this course, I learned that someone in the US has already made a very similar course for the US market…and sells it for $997. That’s about R15 000.

OF COURSE, I bought it.

You know, to snoop

…and, it turns out…despite being in the AIRBNB game for years already… I learned a stack that I will incorporate in Airbnb EMPIRE).

So, why am I telling you all this?

Well, Airbnb EMPIRE is starting next week for the 68 current Airbnb Starter Kit Students.

(Make that 69, ’cause Mel just joined while I’ve been typing).

Airbnb Starter Kit will still be on sale in the future …but, without the EMPIRE bonus.

SO, if you want to get yourself a piece of Airbnb Empire (and get Airbnb Starter kit thrown in… this week is your last chance to do that).

You will have noticed I haven’t been harassing you via email about my training programs (and generally have preferred to show up on the facebook streets inviting you to join) but, I wanted to make sure you saw this offer and had a chance to join.

As of Sunday, you can’t get this two-for-one offer any more.

I’d love to have you join my growing tribe of action-takers, who will do what it takes to carve out their freedom!

You can join here.

Yours in freedom & friendship,


A peak behind my private curtain…

I’ve a confession to make.

I never used to have any of my own personal goals.

In fact, I used to get pissed off when I heard people telling me to follow my dreams and set goals.

The result?

An interesting life filled with curious adventures, for sure. But, nothing that set my soul on fire.

I kind of just went along with what my partner wanted to do, or what I thought would make me look cool. It’s how I spent my entire 20s.

Don’t get me wrong – from the outside – I’m sure it looked amazing.

By 33, I had visited more than 33 countries, I had lived in 3 major cities across 2 continents, I spent my 30th birthday in New York City AND got a paid-in-full white Audi A5 convertible with a red canvas roof for my birthday! #TrueStory

(I just opened my iCloud to search for a photo of it, and don’t even have one.

What does it say to you that I got a half a million rand birthday present, and wasn’t even excited enough to take one photograph of it?!)

I did find this embarrassing 2014 selfie taken in my penthouse apartment elevator, wearing my NYC All Saints $495 leather jacket, R2 500 laptop bag, R2000 Vogue sunglasses, R 1 900 hair cut, 15Kgs skinnier & my sad heart and miserable face).

Why the face? Didn’t any of that ‘success’ make me happy?

No. In fact, I was very very miserable.

The kind of sadness that thousands of Rands (and hours) worth of therapy & medication couldn’t fix. Yes, I tired.

But, why couldn’t it?

I didn’t know it at the time, but, I wasn’t following my true desires. I hadn’t even given myself the time and space to find out what those were.

I was too busy with my fancy-pants corporate clients, and my instagram account (yes, check it out…I havent posted too much since I started making my major shifts).

The thing is, living only for other people’s expectations and wants (or, what we think their expectations are) is unsustainable.

It makes you unhappy. Simple as that.

I needed to make a change. And, I’m so thankful I had the courage to start.

Turns out, I have discovered that my highest value is still to do what I think you want.

It’s just, I now know what you truly want.

You don’t want yourself or those around you to spend all your waking moments in an effort to make as much money as possible in order to own as many clothes as your free time will allow you to buy and drive a fancy car.

You actually want to see those around you living like nobody’s watching.

Living like they truly want to and like only they can, because it gives you permission to do the same.

And, therein lies our freedom.

So, here’s your permission.

It’s my ‘new’ outward display of abundance:

*hint* it’s not a selfie of material things.

It’s my naked wish-list with a commitment to huge doses of consistent action to boot:

I want to live in a tinyhouse. (Yes, it’s a movement and I love it).

I want to own land somewhere wild and make a tinyhouse village, so others can experience the joy of living simply & with less.

I want to live minimally and use only what I need.

I want to create beautiful holiday spaces for people to enjoy, all over the world.

I want to world school my son Max

I want to live and work between 3 home bases across 2 continents.

I want to help 1000 people grow their own online businesses and become time free.

I want to eat only nutritious fruit and veg that is grown free of poison and exploitation.

I want to use only products that are poison and exploitation free.

I want to inspire and employ a team of people who come to life and fulfil their wildest dreams while building mine with me.

There you have it. My dream life.

To some, it may seem closer to a nightmare.

For others, it may seem easy to achieve.

That’s not the point. It’s not about the content of my dreams, it’s about the process of going about creating them.

Thing is, unless you have committed to your “destination”, it will be easy to miss the opportunities that you encounter along your path that will actually get you there.

You can’t take the opportunities if you don’t recognise them!

And, you can’t recognise them if you haven’t defined them.

So, here’s my challenge to you…

What do you really want?

Like, really.

Write a 1-10 list for yourself just like I have done here.

Nothing is too silly, simple, ridiculous or ambitious.

If you feel like being bold, hit reply and send it to me 🙂

Let’s see if I can do anything to help you make it happen.

Big Love,


How To Create More Life Balance

Just 4 short weeks ago, I was uncertain on how to proceed.

I was really struggling with lack of sleep (Hello, 15 month old) and really needed to get clear on how to spend my 3 or 4 “good” hours in a day.

What do I mean?

Well, with the decision to breastfeed my son, Max, for as long as he needs (including though the night) comes the consequence of reduced brain power in the day.

Yes, I haven’t slept through the night in 15 months.

Instead of continuing to beat myself up about my decreased ability to function in the day, I decided to get clear on how I can structure my life to accommodate this season.

How often do we do that?

Refuse to recognise a Cause & Effect.

Or, not take the action we need to get relief…

To put an end to it, I reached out for help.

I had a series of calls to get clear on how to spend my time….one of them LIVE as a guest on a podcast. (You can listen to that here).

The end result?

I got clarity.

And, within 4 weeks launched a course which has been doing amazingly!


Here’s to reaching out for help. And then, taking action.

Yours in Freedom & Friendship,


Freedom Quest – Airbnb Made Easy

You’ve watched me this past year as I search for freedom – I’ve called it my Freedom Quest.

It’s taken me down the path of upskilling myself with the personal attributes and tactics I need to keep myself feeling emotionally healthy & courageous enough to keep chasing my dreams.

What are my dreams?

Well, I imagine not very different than yours.

I want to live my life filled with joy & ease and I want to do it while experiencing freedom.

Time freedom.

It’s my most important goal.

That’s how I uncovered my personal why.

My 2019 BIG WHY is to Free Myself & My Family by Freeing Others.

With the way the world currently works, in order to have time freedom, we have to work on a few other freedoms first.

In order to be time free, we have to stop trading time for money.

Our income needs to come from streams that don’t require us to be permanantly behind the steering wheel.

It hadn’t struck me until just 2 weeks ago, that my personal joy and semi passive income project collide for me on my AIRBNB.

You remember my excited mail asking you what stopped you from getting started on AIRBNB?

(Sent with the passion and enthusiasm of someone on speed 🤓)

Well, just a short week and a half later, something quite magical has happened.

I have put together a 4 week live training programme and as if this morning, have 15 students enrolled.

It starts with our first live call tonight.

While I know you follow me because of your interest in cryptocurrency, mental health, creating an online business or generally get a kick out of me adventuring through life…

…I want to invite you to join my AIRBNB Starter Kit programme.

Using AIRBNB is just one additional way to generate your semi-passive income.

The book Rich Dad, Poor Dad speaks about the average millionaire having at least 6 streams of income. Getting into the short term property ladder is just another (SUPER FUN) way.

There are 5 spots reserved for you, the ones who have been following my journey.

I am so proud to launch my 2019 baby, tonight.

Join me?

Read about it here.

Yours in Freedom & Friendship,


P.s. Any questions?

Pop me a quick WhatsApp on 083 59 79 345


Holy @#$% balls! I am so freakin’ excited today! 🙌 🎉

You’ve noticed that recently my mails are about painting my house, renovating my house or renting out my house.

Every meaningful message I’ve shared with you lately is through my experience of making physical spaces beautiful and hosting my AirBnB guests.


‘Cause I just damn love it SO MUCH.

It brings me so much joy. 🤓

Remember that mail about using the Marie Kondo lens joy to decide what to leave in your life and what to leave out.

Well, I’ve been applying it everywhere and it’s working!

It’s brought on a revelation for me…

I LOVE my AirBnB side gigs.

I love everything about them!

I love creating the spaces.

I love the fresh linen.

I love hustling to find more spaces (yes, you don’t only have to own your own spaces to rock an AirBnB listing).

I love meeting interesting people and creating magical memories for them.

I love the marketing hacks that make sure I get uber-booked up.

It’s just the most easy (almost hands off) money I ever make… and, ’cause its so fun and simple, it never occurred to me that others aren’t also doing it.

If you aren’t, you are missing out.

And, I don’t want anyone to miss out on this.

Especially not you.

So, that’s where I need your input.

If you don’t have an AirBnB side-hustle. Why not?

What’s the number 1 thing that’s been stopping you from getting in on a little AirBnB side-cash?

Please hit reply and let me know.

I’m going to use your input to put together an awesome Starter Kit so that you (or anyone in your circle) can quickly by-pass all my mistakes and get instant $$$ to splash out on that weekend away somewhere

(or spend on whatever else your heart desire. For me, it’s pretty furniture 😍.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Yours in Joy & Freedom,


P.s. Literally just hit reply and share the deets.

Oh, and if you DO have one, let me know too 💌

Mari Kondo

This morning a client opened our coaching session with this: “What are you doing looking so sporty? It’s so ‘unlike you’!”

She was reacting to my purple trainers, with pink laces and a bright blue tick on the side. You know the tick I mean.

She was right, I didn’t usually wear them. But, thanks to Marie Kondo and her Netflix series “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”, I recently realised that they spark joy for me. So, I dusted them off and wore them.

I had “designed them” myself in the LA flagship Nike store, using their cool software and they made them up on the spot for me. Joy!

Thing is, they are so outrageous I thought they could only be worn on special occasions or during fun outings. You know what old chestnut, right?

But, thanks to my recent revelations – I know that’s nonsense.

If you haven’t heard about Marie yet, she has 2 basic ideas that I want to share with you to get your 2019 off to that start that we all want… on track and filled with clarity and joy.

Only keep possessions that spark joy for you,

Pass on items that don’t spark joy and express gratitude to them as they go

Sounds too simple to be life-changing, right?


It’s the simplicity that makes it so implementable.

I whipped through clearning out my clothes (the first step in her method) in 10 minutes flat just using one metric: holding the item and asking myself “does this spark joy?”

I thanked and passed on 2 huge garbage bags and felt energized and lighter.

I’ve gone on to clear out my entire house!

I really recommend you get her book (or watch her show on Netflix) but most importantly, I want to suggest that you extend those two ideas to other areas of your life…

Ask yourself:

Does this spark joy for me?

If it doesn’t consider making some changes. Remembering to express gratitude to what you are leaving behind and pivot towards joy.

Here’s to a joyful 2019!

It’s the only 2019 we’ll ever get.

Yours in friendship and freedom,


Everyone doing their best

I’ve had some family angst, drama and conflict recently 🎭 🤼🥊😳.

It’s easy to think the worst of someone when emotions are flowing like a flooding river and your own high horses are galloping furiously 🐴 😬 (I know my high horse loves a good ride 🤣🤣🤣).

But, here is a tool  I came across in a Brene Brown TED talk a few years ago that I have often forgotten to use.

When I do use it, my perspective is instantly shifted and so is my behaviour.

Here it is.

Ask yourself this…

What if the person who you feel angry (or disappointed or frustrated) with is doing their best?

What if they are not out to get you, not trying to hurt you, not trying to undermine you, not trying to belittle you, not trying to deceive you…

What if you assume the best about people?

She talks about it in this 5:55min clip about boundaries. (It is well worth the perspective shift).

Watch it.

Yours in Freedom & Friendship,


P.s. If you don’t know Brene Brown, watch her 2 TED talks.

Google them. Like, now.

K Thanks, bye.