Cash flow constrained? 💸💳☠️

If you’ve been feeling lately like there is more month left at the end of your money, then you are not alone.

Relying on one income stream just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore.

More and more people I know are having to cut household expenses, let go of their cleaners, cut back on their DSTV (cable TV) and penny pinch on what they buy at the grocery store.

You’ve probably been wishing (hoping & praying) that some magical solution will come along (inherit a windfall, win the lottery, get a surprise bonus at the end of this year) and THAT’S what you’ll use to get out of that suffocating credit card debt and overdraft that just never seems to diminish.

I know that strategy all too well, and the reality is…it’s faulty thinking.

The only realistic ways to blitz debt are to increase your income (and decrease your spending).

I want to share with you the simple formula I have for additional income that helped me employ a full time nanny for my son and a part-time house keeper (expenses I could never have afforded while I took almost 2 years away form my time-for money job).

It’s simple, I use it myself, works all over the world, been applied by over 100 of my own students and 1000s more across the globe, it doesn’t take enormous up front investment (you know that old myth about ‘it takes money to make money’) and you too can pull it off.

What is it?

It is taking advantage of the short term rental boom (and home sharing economy) and using Airbnb to make side income.

The best part, you don’t have to own the property…you can simply rent it.

That’s right. It’s an entire industry called rent-to-rent and its allowed me to keep mine (and my student’s) head above water during tough times.

(Of course, if you do own a property, you can use it. Or a friend’s or a neighbours. You get my drift).

In fact, I have 7 Creative Ways to get your foot on the property ladder using Airbnb and I am sharing them this Thursday at 8pm GMT+2.

I also share 3 Clever Ways I have set up so that I don’t do all the work myself (’cause I am a mom to a toddler and run business. I can’t be running around folding towels and meeting guests. And, I don’t).

I’ll be sharing how I got that right on Thursday too.

If you’re:

  • Looking for a way to supplement your income
  • Need to get your hands on cash, faster than you can get a job or start a regular business
  • Have an idea of a property you could list on Airbnb
  • Have NO idea of a property you could list on Airbnb
  • Have been curious about hosting on Airbnb but feel afraid
  • Don’t have a lot of free time on your hands, but,
  • Are serious about setting something up that can feed, feed and feed you again…

…then, taking a serious look into what you can do with Airbnb is right for you.

Worst case scenario, you leave knowing it’s not a good fit.

See you there LIVE on Thursday at 8pm GMT+2 (I’ll be taking you through some brand new training I’ve just put together, in person). So, show up with your questions and glass of red 🙂

Yours in freedom & friendship,


P.s. Register here.

👗👚👜👓 ready for a clear out?

I’m just over a week into my 33-item-wardrobe living.

And, still loving it!

I know I certainly didn’t follow the tried and tested formula for how to build a capsule wardrobe (that’s what it is called, according to Courtney…the women who invented it 🙂

I just gave and threw away.

Not everyone has to be a bit…radical, like me.

There is actually a really cool process to follow.

There is a small Whatsapp group of about 8 women who are following that process together.

They’re only just starting, so,  I thought I’d let you know three things:

1. If you (or someone you care for) is interested, hit reply with your number for Whatsapp and let me know. I’ll add you to the group. It costs $0.00.

2. I got hold of the Project333 creator, Courtney, and she let me know that everyone finds it a little overwhelming at first, that’s why she put together this 6 Day Micro Course.

You can clear out your wardrobe in 6 days flat and feel good about it.

3. You can do it if you choose to (I’m not any more special or brave than you).

In freedom (or headspace that comes with a less cluttered closet) & friendship,


P.s. Take a look Courtney’s cool micro course, I signed up today 🙂 couldn’t curb my curiosity.

I’m the guinea pig 🧪🔬

The rest of 2019, for me, is about relentlessly pursuing my bucket list.

Top of my bucket list is tiny house living.

Have you heard of it?

It’s a super cool movement of down-scaling your physical space so that you can up-scale your life.

(Think: more time and income to do the things you actually want, when all your time and income isn’t going into the pursuit of a house, car and things. It’s a radical and revolutionary idea, and I’m into it)

My fav youtube channel at the moment is Living Big in a Tiny House, take a look.

I watched this episode last night.

I haven’t heard anything that makes so much sense in a very long time.

I’ve a toddler and a hubby and we’re wanting to be in a tiny house by December.

My first step?

Simplifying my wardrobe.

I took this project 333 challenge last week and currently have a wardrobe of just 33 items.


It’s been about 5 days of choosing outfits to wear from my new (small) selection of clothes and a couple of things have happened:

  1. Getting dressed in the mornings has been quick, light and easy

    (no more decision fatigue.

    Did you know we only have a limited amount of ‘decision units’ in a day and I’m stoked to be using them for bigger things than outfit choice now.

    That’s the logic behind the Zuckerburgs, Jobs and Musks of the world always wearing their daily ‘uniform’).
  2. I’ve had more compliments on my outfits in one condensed week than I would usually get in a month.

    ( Duh? I’ve kept all my fav things. I just get to wear all my fav things, all the time and get to leave the house with that ‘spring in my step’ feeling every day).
  3. I’ve been combining things in ways I never previous thought of doing.

    (I get to be different versions of myself wearing the exact same items cause new ideas about how to wear them have come to me since I’ve simplified things and removed clutter).

I’m loving all the space that’s freed up in my mind.

Will you join me on this challenge?

You don’t have to be a radical experimenter like me, and get rid of all the items that aren’t in your 33.

You can pack them away for the time being for safe keeping.

You in?

Hit reply and let me know, I’ll create an accountability group we can keep each other inspired.

Yours in Freedom & Friendship,


This woman will transform your money story

When you look at your life, what does the picture you see tell you about your skills and relationship with money?

Do you see a big group of assets working hard for you?

A net worth growing each month?

A lifestyle that aligns to your heart’s desire?

Choice to do what you want, where you want, when you want and with whom you want?  

A juicy, joy filled life experience free of financial anxiety?

A deep confidence and certainty that you have a financial freedom plan and it’s working?

Or do you find yourself feeling stressed or scared about money, questioning and doubting your money moves, constantly overworking but never seeming to move forward, not taking action because you’re worried about getting it wrong…

… and asking yourself when (if ever) you’re going to get your “money stuff” figured out so you can get on with the living part?

There are a LOT of people who find themselves in that second category (so if that’s you, please don’t beat yourself up about it).

The great news is, if you’re ready to change all that, then I have something very special to share with you today.

My friend Ann Wilson is holding a free live online class this starting in 30 mins from now and I REALLY want you to be there.

(Wednesday, 24 July at 11am PST/ 2pm EST / 6PM GMT / 7PM BST/ 8PM Paris & South Africa  / 5am +1 Sydney)

There are three reasons why.

1st – Ann Wilson will totally transform your money life for the better. That’s no exaggeration. She’s widely regarded as the go-to sustainable wealth creation mentor for big hearted changemakers – teaching them how to invest and create assets so they can free themselves to live their fullest most authentic life and have the resources to live their purpose fully.  

In just 8 years Ann went from zero to financially free by learning how to get assets working for her. She has maintained her free status for over 13 years and continues to grow her own wealth so she could increase her impact and contribution in the world. She’s an award-winning speaker, best selling Hay House author, and has influenced the lives of tens of thousands of people through her books, programs, and other transformational materials.

2nd – This is not an ordinary webinar. Ann’s down-to-earth style is incredibly refreshing, especially considering she has been financially free for over 13 years, can do whatever she wants because she has all the money she wants and she runs a 7-figure business. PLUS her Q&A is incredible. Her desire to serve and help people is amazing.

3rd –  What you’ll learn could be the difference between success and failure in your money world. I’m not saying that to freak you out or be overly dramatic. You may have noticed, however, that not everyone is successful in creating financial well being despite working really hard. In fact less than 5% of the population ever achieves financial freedom.

One of the key success / failure factors Ann has identified is what you focus on and in this training she share exactly where your focus needs to be.

In this live training, Ann will take you through…

The 5 Steps to Creating Sustainable Wealth and How To Create Your Own Roadmap to Freedom.

Well over 260,000 people from 52 countries have attended Ann’s live trainings.  This live training just might be her best one yet.

Click here to claim your spot!

I know this training will be one of the most valuable things you can do with your time this week to make your life even juicier.

Yours in freedom & friendship,


You are not selfish for wanting a better life

Wanting to be free of financial worries, wanting to be able to support those you love, wanting to spend more time with them and do the things that really juice you, wanting to contribute more and have the choice as to how you spend your life is not selfish.

In a weird way NOT being free to do these things could be considered selfish.

Think about it, when we are stressed and caught up in financial worries it is almost impossible to really BE fully present in the other areas of our life.

Your family, your work, your community gets deprived of the “best” you when you don’t have the financial resources to do all these things.

The main reason people “can’t do” these things is not lack of money but lack of understanding money and the steps to take to create their own freedom!

Ann Wilson is doing a live webinar to show you those steps and give you the roadmap to wealth. You can have this training.

Give yourself the skills to claim back your life and finally be able to BE fully present in all the areas of your life that make you feel alive.

The world needs you.

Seriously, don’t delay on this!

Love and success,


FIRE MOVEMENT: Johanna joined last year

Johanna and I were room mates over a decade ago now.

We forged a friendship over dirty dishes and bottles of red wine.

But, that trust and connection is as strong today as it was back in those gorgeous Cape Town summer days.

In fact, I’d say were closer now than ever.

Johanna came and stayed in my lovely guest suite at my home in Feb this year (it’s my fav and profitable Airbnb, actually).

She was out in South Africa from Canada (she a born and bred Toronto’nian – is that a word?!) to attend Ann Wilson’s live event that accompanies her online programme, Financial Freedom University (FFU).

Today, I am talking to ‘Hanna about her experiences as a FFU student.

A whole LOT has happened for her:

  • she’s bought 2 new properties and sold an old one (’cause she could make informed decisions about if her money was working for her or not),
  • her salary has increased ’cause she knew how to ask for more,
  • AND, she’s also got a date in her calendar for early retirement.

See you on my facebook group in a bit! Here’s the link.

P.s. Registration for 2019’s FFU opens tomorrow and I want to give you every reason to join.

You know I teach people how to make side-income with Airbnb using other people’s property, right?

Well, I’ve partnered with Ann this year and for every student who joins FFU (specifically through me), I give my Airbnb EMPIRE programme as a an FFU joining BONUS for absolutely free.

It’s on sale for $627 USD currently and Ann pays for it for you!

So, what better way to start mapping out your freedom plan than to ALSO get a proven programme on how to build the income you’ll need to start investing.

I’ll send you the link you need to use tomorrow if you’re wanting to get your hands on AIRBNB EMPIRE AND FFU combo bundle.

SO, if you’re thinking of joining anyway….keep your eyes on your inbox for my mail TOMORROW>

FIRE MOVEMENT: The woman who has helped me

If we were on a coffee catch-up right now, you’d be giggling at my exaggerated facial expression and enthusiastic gestures as I tell you this…

Me: “I literally CAN NOT emphasise enough how significant this woman has been in my life.”

You: *snort your coffee a bit at my passionate slightly inappropriate volume*

Me:”I mean, NOTHING about my life today is the same as just a short 21 months ago. Like, NOTHING”

You: *nodding* “I know, I remember, girlfriend”.

Why am I so excitedly singing the praises of another woman?

Because, since I joined her world:

  • my income has trebled
  • I’ve started 3 new businesses
  • I work half the time I did before
  • I know exactly the date I am going to retire
  • And I know how to do all of the above with ease and joy

I’m talking about my mentor, Ann.

I recently went to Portugal to join her for a week where we masterminded about the smartest way to build assets and the cleverest way to do it without stress and risk.

But, maybe you’re not at the point where you jet off and draw up your plan with someone who charges ten of thousands of dollars for the pleasure.

Maybe you’re thinking… ‘I couldn’t even tell you exactly how much money I spend every month (should that even be something I know?!)’

Maybe you’re thinking… ‘I’m never going to be that person who is an investor, that’s for someone else.’

Maybe you’re thinking…’it’s not possible for me to start low-inout businesses, I’ll forever need to trade away my time for money in this job or labour intensive business of mine’.

Well, not true.

How do I know?

‘Cause, those were my thoughts just 2 short years ago and since taking Ann’s free workshop in 2017…each one of those ideas myths has been busted.

What I’m telling you is true, simple and possible for you but it starts with getting an understanding of where you are out personally in terms of your finances.

Ann’s 4 part free video series covers what you need to know. Join it now.

Love Tamryn

FIRE MOVEMENT: Introduction: meet Julian

You don’t have to be a special unicorn who inherited money to retire early.

You can be an ordinary person who started out from scratch.

Enter, Julian.

He’s a dear friend of mine and has been part of the FIRE movement way longer than I have. In fact, maybe even before FIRE was ‘the in thing’.

Catch us having a casual chat today about his journey to retiring early (he’s retiring next year, a good 20 years before the “norm”).

You’ll leave knowing his strategy (p.s. its property, but not the traditional approach) and how he’s also changing the world through sustainable building and tiny house living.

Catch us on my Facebook group and click “Get Reminder” to be notified when we begin.

See you there!

Yours in Freedom & Friendship,


Here’s the link directly to the LIVE we have scheduled.

👨‍👩‍👦 My hubby and I are retiring at 44.

That’s not some over-ambitious pipe-dream (or worse, a scam).

It’s the FIRE movement (Financially Independent, Retire Early). And, we’re into it.

It’s simple.

We used to spend the same amount (or more) than we earned.

We didn’t know a foggy thing about investing (never mind saving a portion of your income).

We used to consume way more than we needed to (that didn’t contribute one extra bit to our happiness and values)

We had no idea about our wasted spending (hidden and unused subscription software, insurances, and depreciating ‘assets’).

The FIRE movement is about getting to grips with one simple truth:

If know your monthly income requirements to live YOUR version of an ideal life (hint: its usually less than you imagine), you can actively work to replace that income with assets, investments and low-input businesses once you understand what that amount is.

Now, I didn’t invent the FIRE movement and, when I first learned about it… I didn’t have a clue in a closet about how to start.

So, I got help.

I joined Ann’s world.

She’s my mentor and together we’ve mapped out the exact amount I need to invest in order to generate my monthly income without having to work.

That’s my freedom number.

We’ve also mapped out EXACTLY how I am going to generate that initial income, what I am going to invest in to get there….and in how much time.

That’s why I know I’ll be ‘retired’ at 44.

Do you also want some of this magic (actually, very simple stuff we just don’t get taught in school)?

She’s running her annual free workshop, and you can sign up and learn everything like I did her.

I love this woman, she has literally changed my life.

And, I’m forever grateful.

Yours in freedom & friendship,


P.s. What’s your freedom number? It doesn’t have to be a scary mystery number a minute longer. She teaches you how to work it out, precisely.

🔥have you heard of the FIRE movement?

If you’d asked me 21 months ago if it were possible for me to retire within 10 years, I would have laughed my pregnant belly into an uncomfortable ache.

These days, I know better.

In fact, I know people. Actual people in my inner circle who have shaved 20 years (or more) off the ‘expected’ retirement time.

And, I’m interviewing them for you.

Introducing, The F.I.R.E Series.

F.I.R.E as in Financially Independent, Retired Early.

In Episode 1, I talk about the 3 core ideas that make up the movement:

that you can be financially self-sufficient and not rely on a job for money until you’re 65 (if you’re lucky).

that you can retire from as early as your thirties if you become financially intelligent (hint: it’s not actually scary rocket science)

you can have time freedom to tick off those seemingly impossible-to-achieve bucket list items.

Join me LIVE on my facebook group at 12:30 GMT+2 today. Click “Get Reminder” now.

You’ll leave knowing:

🔥Why its much more within your reach that you’ve thought possible to join the fire movement

🔥The number 1 thing you need to know to get started (this sets you apart from 99.999% of the rest of population of the planet)

🔥The one thing that’ll ruin your chance (and how you can avoid it)

🔥The exact (simple) action to take to get started, immediately.