Can we talk about mental health?

I used to hate using the term mental health.

If I had to use it, I’d insert it into sentences under my breath, like one would a swear word.

I only recently realised why.

When we talk about mental health, we are almost always actually talking about the absence of it.

We mean ‘mentally unhealthy’.

And, no one wants to be mentally unhealthy or, worse, mentally unwell or ill.

But, can we talk about this for a little bit?

I’ll start πŸ€“.

I have to work really deliberately on my mental health.

Kind of like how I have to work on my physical health, or I’ll be physically unfit and physically unhealthy.

I need to eat fresh food, drink water, and move. Every day.

If I don’t, I feel very unwell, physically.

There you go.

That was easy.

No big deal to talk about being unfit, right?

It makes perfect sense.

Then, why is it so taboo to talk about needing to work on mental fitness. Why is there so much shame in it?

I don’t know the answer to that question, but, I know that it’s true that almost nobody wants to admit they need a mental health regime…or talk about what happens when we don’t feel mentally well (including me, until now).

This is how I see it…

Our minds are incredibly powerful machines, but, almost no focus is put on giving us skills on how to use it.

If you want to learn how to drive a car, you take lessons and get a license….but, our minds?

We’re just left to the wilderness. Stumble along until it all works out. Or doesn’t.

Not once during my 15+ years of education was I taught any practically applicable tools on how to run my mind and be mentally healthy.

The result is that my adulthood thus far has a graveyard of ideas and half-projects that I haven’t able to bring to life, relationships that have suffered and hours and hours of agony.

You see, if I am not focusing on my mental health regime, I am terrible to around and I get nothing done.

I am moody, volatile, angry and snappy. I procrastinate and get depressed. It ain’t pretty to be around. And, it’s even worse to be trapped in my own skin.

I’ve got big dreams and plans – but, without being mentally fit, I have no chance of achieving them.

In the last few years I’ve wasted months and thousands of dollars because my mental hygiene hasn’t been in place and I haven’t been able to show up the way I need to in order to have the life I want.

Maybe you can relate? Have you ever felt so frustrated and desperate that you’ve Googled “How do I get my shit together?”

I looked everywhere for someone else who had already created a system or product I could use, but there just isn’t one I could find.

I had to ‘scratch my own itch’ and create a system for myself.

This is what I do and it keeps me on track.

Every week I focus on and implement a new mental health habit.

I pick a new tool, habit or ritual (one that I’ve learned about from other successful “Titans” in the world. Usually from Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans. What’s the point of these amazing resources if we don’t actually implement them?!)

I deliberately apply it to my life for that week.

I have an accountability partner who checks in with me and whom I check in with.

At the end of the week I assess if the new tool has added value to my life and the decide to keep it or ditch it.

That’s it. Simple, but not easy.

It has changed my life completely.

If you’d like to play along, I’ve created a way for you to do that. You can benefit from the ground-work I’m already putting in.

Each week, I’ll be setting a new challenge containing a tool or habit that’s working for me, assign you an accountability partner and get us all that bit closer to achieving our goals (and becoming a more mentally healthy version of ourselves).

Keep your eyes out for when it releases. You can join this group to be sure you don’t miss it.

I can’t wait to have you as part of it.

Yours in friendship and freedom,