I’m the guinea pig πŸ§ͺπŸ”¬

The rest of 2019, for me, is about relentlessly pursuing my bucket list.

Top of my bucket list is tiny house living.

Have you heard of it?

It’s a super cool movement of down-scaling your physical space so that you can up-scale your life.

(Think: more time and income to do the things you actually want, when all your time and income isn’t going into the pursuit of a house, car and things. It’s a radical and revolutionary idea, and I’m into it)

My fav youtube channel at the moment is Living Big in a Tiny House, take a look.

I watched this episode last night.

I haven’t heard anything that makes so much sense in a very long time.

I’ve a toddler and a hubby and we’re wanting to be in a tiny house by December.

My first step?

Simplifying my wardrobe.

I took this project 333 challenge last week and currently have a wardrobe of just 33 items.


It’s been about 5 days of choosing outfits to wear from my new (small) selection of clothes and a couple of things have happened:

  1. Getting dressed in the mornings has been quick, light and easy

    (no more decision fatigue.

    Did you know we only have a limited amount of ‘decision units’ in a day and I’m stoked to be using them for bigger things than outfit choice now.

    That’s the logic behind the Zuckerburgs, Jobs and Musks of the world always wearing their daily ‘uniform’).
  2. I’ve had more compliments on my outfits in one condensed week than I would usually get in a month.

    ( Duh? I’ve kept all my fav things. I just get to wear all my fav things, all the time and get to leave the house with that ‘spring in my step’ feeling every day).
  3. I’ve been combining things in ways I never previous thought of doing.

    (I get to be different versions of myself wearing the exact same items cause new ideas about how to wear them have come to me since I’ve simplified things and removed clutter).

I’m loving all the space that’s freed up in my mind.

Will you join me on this challenge?

You don’t have to be a radical experimenter like me, and get rid of all the items that aren’t in your 33.

You can pack them away for the time being for safe keeping.

You in?

Hit reply and let me know, I’ll create an accountability group we can keep each other inspired.

Yours in Freedom & Friendship,


Author: Tamryn Sherriffs

Trainer | Speaker | Facilitator

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