This woman will transform your money story

When you look at your life, what does the picture you see tell you about your skills and relationship with money?

Do you see a big group of assets working hard for you?

A net worth growing each month?

A lifestyle that aligns to your heart’s desire?

Choice to do what you want, where you want, when you want and with whom you want?  

A juicy, joy filled life experience free of financial anxiety?

A deep confidence and certainty that you have a financial freedom plan and it’s working?

Or do you find yourself feeling stressed or scared about money, questioning and doubting your money moves, constantly overworking but never seeming to move forward, not taking action because you’re worried about getting it wrong…

… and asking yourself when (if ever) you’re going to get your “money stuff” figured out so you can get on with the living part?

There are a LOT of people who find themselves in that second category (so if that’s you, please don’t beat yourself up about it).

The great news is, if you’re ready to change all that, then I have something very special to share with you today.

My friend Ann Wilson is holding a free live online class this starting in 30 mins from now and I REALLY want you to be there.

(Wednesday, 24 July at 11am PST/ 2pm EST / 6PM GMT / 7PM BST/ 8PM Paris & South Africa  / 5am +1 Sydney)

There are three reasons why.

1st – Ann Wilson will totally transform your money life for the better. That’s no exaggeration. She’s widely regarded as the go-to sustainable wealth creation mentor for big hearted changemakers – teaching them how to invest and create assets so they can free themselves to live their fullest most authentic life and have the resources to live their purpose fully.  

In just 8 years Ann went from zero to financially free by learning how to get assets working for her. She has maintained her free status for over 13 years and continues to grow her own wealth so she could increase her impact and contribution in the world. She’s an award-winning speaker, best selling Hay House author, and has influenced the lives of tens of thousands of people through her books, programs, and other transformational materials.

2nd – This is not an ordinary webinar. Ann’s down-to-earth style is incredibly refreshing, especially considering she has been financially free for over 13 years, can do whatever she wants because she has all the money she wants and she runs a 7-figure business. PLUS her Q&A is incredible. Her desire to serve and help people is amazing.

3rd –  What you’ll learn could be the difference between success and failure in your money world. I’m not saying that to freak you out or be overly dramatic. You may have noticed, however, that not everyone is successful in creating financial well being despite working really hard. In fact less than 5% of the population ever achieves financial freedom.

One of the key success / failure factors Ann has identified is what you focus on and in this training she share exactly where your focus needs to be.

In this live training, Ann will take you through…

The 5 Steps to Creating Sustainable Wealth and How To Create Your Own Roadmap to Freedom.

Well over 260,000 people from 52 countries have attended Ann’s live trainings.  This live training just might be her best one yet.

Click here to claim your spot!

I know this training will be one of the most valuable things you can do with your time this week to make your life even juicier.

Yours in freedom & friendship,


Author: Tamryn Sherriffs

Trainer | Speaker | Facilitator

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