FIRE MOVEMENT: Johanna joined last year

Johanna and I were room mates over a decade ago now.

We forged a friendship over dirty dishes and bottles of red wine.

But, that trust and connection is as strong today as it was back in those gorgeous Cape Town summer days.

In fact, I’d say were closer now than ever.

Johanna came and stayed in my lovely guest suite at my home in Feb this year (it’s my fav and profitable Airbnb, actually).

She was out in South Africa from Canada (she a born and bred Toronto’nian – is that a word?!) to attend Ann Wilson’s live event that accompanies her online programme, Financial Freedom University (FFU).

Today, I am talking to ‘Hanna about her experiences as a FFU student.

A whole LOT has happened for her:

  • she’s bought 2 new properties and sold an old one (’cause she could make informed decisions about if her money was working for her or not),
  • her salary has increased ’cause she knew how to ask for more,
  • AND, she’s also got a date in her calendar for early retirement.

See you on my facebook group in a bit! Here’s the link.

P.s. Registration for 2019’s FFU opens tomorrow and I want to give you every reason to join.

You know I teach people how to make side-income with Airbnb using other people’s property, right?

Well, I’ve partnered with Ann this year and for every student who joins FFU (specifically through me), I give my Airbnb EMPIRE programme as a an FFU joining BONUS for absolutely free.

It’s on sale for $627 USD currently and Ann pays for it for you!

So, what better way to start mapping out your freedom plan than to ALSO get a proven programme on how to build the income you’ll need to start investing.

I’ll send you the link you need to use tomorrow if you’re wanting to get your hands on AIRBNB EMPIRE AND FFU combo bundle.

SO, if you’re thinking of joining anyway….keep your eyes on your inbox for my mail TOMORROW>

Author: Tamryn Sherriffs

Trainer | Speaker | Facilitator

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