FIRE MOVEMENT: The woman who has helped me

If we were on a coffee catch-up right now, you’d be giggling at my exaggerated facial expression and enthusiastic gestures as I tell you this…

Me: “I literally CAN NOT emphasise enough how significant this woman has been in my life.”

You: *snort your coffee a bit at my passionate slightly inappropriate volume*

Me:”I mean, NOTHING about my life today is the same as just a short 21 months ago. Like, NOTHING”

You: *nodding* “I know, I remember, girlfriend”.

Why am I so excitedly singing the praises of another woman?

Because, since I joined her world:

  • my income has trebled
  • I’ve started 3 new businesses
  • I work half the time I did before
  • I know exactly the date I am going to retire
  • And I know how to do all of the above with ease and joy

I’m talking about my mentor, Ann.

I recently went to Portugal to join her for a week where we masterminded about the smartest way to build assets and the cleverest way to do it without stress and risk.

But, maybe you’re not at the point where you jet off and draw up your plan with someone who charges ten of thousands of dollars for the pleasure.

Maybe you’re thinking… ‘I couldn’t even tell you exactly how much money I spend every month (should that even be something I know?!)’

Maybe you’re thinking… ‘I’m never going to be that person who is an investor, that’s for someone else.’

Maybe you’re thinking…’it’s not possible for me to start low-inout businesses, I’ll forever need to trade away my time for money in this job or labour intensive business of mine’.

Well, not true.

How do I know?

‘Cause, those were my thoughts just 2 short years ago and since taking Ann’s free workshop in 2017…each one of those ideas myths has been busted.

What I’m telling you is true, simple and possible for you but it starts with getting an understanding of where you are out personally in terms of your finances.

Ann’s 4 part free video series covers what you need to know. Join it now.

Love Tamryn

Author: Tamryn Sherriffs

Trainer | Speaker | Facilitator

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