FIRE MOVEMENT: Introduction: meet Julian

You don’t have to be a special unicorn who inherited money to retire early.

You can be an ordinary person who started out from scratch.

Enter, Julian.

He’s a dear friend of mine and has been part of the FIRE movement way longer than I have. In fact, maybe even before FIRE was ‘the in thing’.

Catch us having a casual chat today about his journey to retiring early (he’s retiring next year, a good 20 years before the “norm”).

You’ll leave knowing his strategy (p.s. its property, but not the traditional approach) and how he’s also changing the world through sustainable building and tiny house living.

Catch us on my Facebook group and click “Get Reminder” to be notified when we begin.

See you there!

Yours in Freedom & Friendship,


Here’s the link directly to the LIVE we have scheduled.

Author: Tamryn Sherriffs

Trainer | Speaker | Facilitator

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